General Information and Precautions

General Information and Precautions when using EASYJoint are as follows:

Read the instructions

General Information and Precautions

The product is easy to use but the instructions must be followed carefully. It is strongly recommended that you download from this site the detailed instructions on how to use EASYJoint, especially if you are using it for the first time. You should also watch the product demonstration DVD which is available from your supplier or by clicking here.

Site Conditions

The site conditions must be appropriate for use. Read the before you start guide before commencing.

Use plenty of water

General Information and Precautions

When using the Wet Application Method, it cannot be overly stressed to use plenty of water before, during & after the application of EASYJoint. The water acts as a barrier between the EASYJoint & the paving material & prevents the paving being marked. In virtually all cases the liberal use of water is sufficient to prevent any marking to the paving.

Sensitive Paving Materials

Even with the liberal application of water, some paving is very sensitive & it only takes a moments lapse of concentration, or for the paving to slightly dry (not even visibly) & marking may occur. In such instances additional precautions should be taken.

A definitive list of sensitive stone cannot be provided as even the same type of stone but supplied from different quarries can react differently. However some Sandstone & Limestone, Granite & polished materials, such as Modak, can be particularly susceptible to marking generally, not only from EASYJoint. Suppliers of such materials often recommend sealing the stone prior to installation with an appropriate “breathable” sealant. Refer to the paving supplier for guidance.

For more information on our sealer and protectors range visit :EASYSeal

User’s responsibility

General Information and Precautions

The company cannot be aware of all the applications & materials the product may be used with. It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If used in accordance with the instructions, the product should set hard & not affect the aesthetic properties of the material on which it is used, but no guarantee of this is given or implied. Neither the manufacturer nor supplier accepts any liability for; (a) the joint failing as a result of inherent site conditions, (b) any changes in the appearance of the paving resulting from the use of EASYJoint or (c) any visual changes to the joint such as discolouration caused by weathering or the drainage of dirty surface water. If in any doubt test a sample before use.


The compressive strength of EASYJoint is such that it will adequately take the downward forces exerted by pedestrians & domestic cars, but is not designed to form a structural part of the path/driveway. The integrity of the project can only be maintained if the surface material is adequately bedded into the base which in turn is constructed to an appropriate specification.

Sealing the paving

EASYJoint can be sealed but it is recommended not to apply any type of sealer over the joint for at least a month after it has set hard. Depending on the type of sealant used, EASYJoint may or may not remain permeable.

Applying EASYJoint without water

Installers are strongly advised to apply EASYJoint using the Wet Application Method wherever possible. However, there are circumstances where this method is, or may not be suitable, such as when applying the compound in freezing conditions or in temperatures of 3°C & falling or when working with strong & impermeable bases, particularly driveways.

Refer to the before you start guide for further information and ensure you are using the correct application method for your project.

Footwear caution

The soles of footwear may pick up some EASYJoint during the application process. Clean them before walking across dried (or drying) paving to avoid leaving “footmarks”. For similar reasons, do not use the same broom that was used to apply the EASYJoint to clear the surface afterwards; it will be contaminated & may leave marks.

Proven Product

General Information and Precautions

EASYJoint is a well proven product. If the instructions are followed users should achieve a perfectly sound and aesthetically pleasing joint with absolutely no detrimental effect to the paving.

Use the correct method of application

It is important to use the correct method of application when installing EASYJoint. Refer to the How to use EASYJoint guide for details on how to select the correct method of application based on your site conditions and paving type.

Health and Safety

No significant hazard.

Avoid contact with skin & eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water & seek medical advice.

May cause irritation to sensitive skin. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap & water. Wear suitable protective clothing & gloves.